Collection: Custom Memorial Bracelets

Custom engraved KIA Memorial Bracelets to honor your hero. If you do not see a logo that fits your needs please contact us. We have more designs and can do custom design for a small one time art fee.

We offer a bracelet page so friends and family can order the exact same bracelet design and text. We only add these pages at the request of friends or family and can be added at anytime by contacting us. We respect your privacy and will only do this upon request.

We now offer 2 different sizes 1/2" height and 5/8". The taller 5/8" height bracelet is only offfered in black adult size. The 1/2" memorial bracelets can have 3 lines of text and the 5/8" memorial bracelet can have 4 lines of text.

Memorial Bracelets Adult size bracelets are
7" x  Your choice 1/2" or 5/8"

Memorial Braclets Youth/Child size bracelets are
5 1/2" x 1/2"